Thursday, 9 October 2014

Open grid ss walkway at St Mary Axe bridge, the Gherkin building, City of London

St Mary Axe was a medieval parish in the City of London. The Church of St Mary Axe was demolished in 1561 and now this street is home to the skyscraper; Number 30 St Mary Axe otherwise known as the Gherkin. More recently the area has benefited from the construction of another building called Bevis Marks. Access between these buildings is via a new bridge with Johnson Screens non-slip, blast finish, stainless steel open grid wedge wire flooring.

Sunday, 29 June 2014

Roman Bath remains can now be admired through transparent stainless steel Vee Wire open grid flooring

The centrepiece of the Roman baths is a pool lined with sheets of lead and filled with hot spa water. It was once covered by a 40 metre high barrel-vaulted hall which in its time was a massive structure. The bath is 1.6m deep, ideal for bathing and has steps on all sides. Bathers would have had benches and small tables around the sides for drinks and snacks.
A new walkway has recently been installed, suspended over the Temple Precinct as part of a phased program of visitor experience improvements.  Feilden Clegg Bradley's choice of the unusual stainless steel Vee Wire flooring from Intamesh Bilfinger has proved to be a fantastic success.  The material is robust enough to withstand crowd load with no intermediate structural support, it has a very large open area to give maximum visibility but amazingly it is also heal safe.  It is beautifully engineered with high tolerances so that adjacent panels can be matched perfectly.

The Temple Precinct is one of the great wonders of Roman Britain in Bath, 15 ft below the Grand Pump Room and modern street level.  It houses the original remains of the temple steps, the great alter, and Sulis Minerva, the Roman goddess of the Bath's sacred spring. 1600 years ago her gilded statue once stood within the temple, but is now displayed on the new walkway.  The new step-free, suspended walkway has significantly open up the viewing area for visitors who now have a panoramic aerial view of the monument below.  This is the first stage in opening up the whole site for wheel chair access later this year.   

The Queen's Terminal Heathrow T2 opened in June 2104 with fantastic stainless steel grilles from Intamesh Bilfinger

London Heathrow Airport Terminal 2 opened earlier this month.  Intamesh Bilfinger has successfully designed, manufactured and delivered more than 250 stainless steel wedge wire grille modules. The grilles have integral fixing details and close tolerance rolled radius corners.  Installed in signage columns, desks and ventilation units, the material provides a bright, clean and perfectly balanced environment for this new terminal building.   

This new terminal is known as The Queens's Terminal. Terminal 2's previous building was the first to open at Heathrow in 1955 with a capacity for 1 million passengers.  the new terminal has the capacity to handle 20 million people a year and by the end of 2014, there will be more then 300 daily flights to 54 global destinations. 

Sunday, 16 March 2014

Paddington Station Stainless Steel Wedge Wire Flooring

Attention to detail makes all the difference. There is no doubt that stainless steel is not the cheapest option available for floor grilles but when you consider the drainage efficiency, durability, strength, and non slip nature of wedge wire when used for open grilles there is no better solution.
There are a greater number of wedge wire projects helping to elevate the quality of finishes in central Europe than in the UK.  However, every now and again examples are appearing in high specification UK developments.  One of the more recent to be found is the new taxi rank at Paddington Station where wedge wire drainage channels help keep the area clean, neat, tidy and looking like it has been designed to last well into the twenty first century. This is another great example of modern British architectural design fitting comfortably in surroundings of a building of outstanding historical relevance. We hope to see more designers working with this highly refined product in future.  

Tuesday, 23 July 2013

Wedge wire contracts for The Shard and Heathrow Airport

Intamesh is the UK arm of Johnson Screens,  one of the world's most established manufacturers of wedge wire grilles and screens. This year's UK sales have hit new heights with the introduction of new wedge wire product ranges including General Industry (filtration, screening, separation, water treatment, processing) and Pulp & Paper (baskets, dewatering, pulp screening, fractionation, stock preparation, broke handling, rotors, screw presses).
Architectural business is booming with some new high profile projects including air diffuser grilles for apartments in The Shard and wedge wire diffuser grilles for display beacons at Heathrow Terminal 2B and wedge wire cool air diffuser grills in passport control, Heathrow terminal 5.

Friday, 2 November 2012

Wedge Wire Spiral Staircases

New stainless steel spiral staircases are now available from Intamesh. The stairs are sold as a kit of parts which are quick and easy to assemble with simple tools.  Adequate structure is required for bolting down at the base and a location point is required at the top. The  robust treads are manufactured from rigid wedge wire open grid mesh and the balustrades are circular section stainless steel.
The staircases are manufactured in grade 304 stainless steel for interior applications and can be provided with timber instead of wedge wire open grid treads if preferred.  Grade 316L stainless steel is used for exterior installation.

Upon receipt of an order the customer's height measurement and required diameter are used to produce a detailed drawing for approval before supply.     

Saturday, 26 November 2011

Wedge wire mesh balustrade infill and wedge wire handrail

Wedge wire is a robust material capable of withstanding the heaviest of loads.  It needs no maintenance and is corrosion resistant. Mesh is a great way of achieving clear, open sight lines and it allows light to pass into spaces when used in interior architecture.  Wedge wire does not require stiffeners or framing even when used in areas where crowd loading will apply.
Wedge wire handrail is a new innovation.  It looks fantastic and is exceedingly tactile. It also offers a number of interesting benefits, particularly when considering part M building regulations.  When lit from inside by LED lighting rope it is highly visible. Slotted wedge wire handrails are also specified for external applications where prolonged exposed to direct sunlight can result in other types of metal handrails overheating. Air circulation through the wedge wire slots helps to stop it becoming to hot to touch.